Windows Vista on a CD-R?

vlite.PNG is by nuhi, the creator of the popular nlite which allows people to customize their Windows 2000, 2003, and XP installs. Vlite allows users to customize Vista by letting them decide which components to install and which to leave out. Theres a long list of parts which can be removed and consequently shrink Vista to beable to comfortably fit on a CD-R.

I’ve been experimenting with Vlite and managed to keep Vista’s prettiness with the functionaly I need while making the install CD under 700MB (under 4 gigs installed). Not only does Vlite make the install faster but it allows the Vista to be run well on lower end computer who dont have at least 1 gig of ram. Read the forums to see how some people are running vista on 256MB of ram.
I will provide a screen shot of what I removed a little bit later. I have 1 gig of ram and a dual core CPU, Vista flies.

Final Word: This rocks! There’s so much crap preinstalled on Vista. This lets you decide what stay and what goes.

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