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demon.png is a private torrent site that hosts some of the rarer pirated files floating around. Because its private the administrators are able to more or less control the content and check it for malware and/or viruses. The community is one of the best I’ve seen so you can always find out additional information about the download by reading the comment section. The catch is you need to register and keep a decent ratio to remain a member… meaning your encouraged to upload as much as you download or run the risk of losing your account. Newest torrents don’t require an account to download but newest torrents also have higher risk of not being checked for viruses by the administrators and community.

I use this site for any rare or older torrents that I cant find anywhere else. I also use it to research which downloads are safe and which I should keep away from. I don’t download from it so much because I don’t want leave my computer on for days uploading after downloading a big file.

Final Word: Either the first or last place to look for that special file you want real bad.Private torrent sites are less likely to be sniffed by the powers that try to bring file sharing to an end.

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  1. pdiddymini on October 16th, 2008

    Ratio doesn’t matter please check your sources.

    Demonoid tracks and displays users’ upload/download ratios but takes no action against users with low ratios.[6] Demonoid previously banned users with low ratios, but stopped doing so due to the ratio system being inaccurate for some users with dynamic ip addresses.[7]

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