Neat Little Google Trick for Free Music

Copy and paste the above text into a google search text area and replace the “artist or song” with an actual artist or song.


This worked for most of the mainstream music I tried to find. Also came across a few rare things as well.

Right Click and Save As the music you find.

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  1. wizart on April 28th, 2007

    or you can take the easy road by surfing to this site:

  2. Tag on April 28th, 2007

    i still prefer BT but this is still cool.

  3. harry on April 30th, 2007


  4. [...] find at the same site a nifty little google hack for some free music [...]

  5. Pete White on June 13th, 2007

    The G2P site makes it a lot easier for the same result.

  6. yon on June 13th, 2007


  7. scott on June 14th, 2007

    that site is cool.
    Im guessing this google trick is what sites like g2p and mp3salad use to search.

  8. washington dc tours on June 14th, 2007

    Cool site!

  9. matt on June 14th, 2007

    cool, but try searching for some obscure shit like Anaal Nathrakh and you’re SOL

  10. NIvek on June 14th, 2007

    Lame… I can never find the music I want!!

  11. Chris on June 14th, 2007

    if you want the obscure shit use soulseek!

  12. stupid harry on June 15th, 2007

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  13. Ashley on June 16th, 2007


  14. Large Left Breast on June 17th, 2007

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  15. toritime on June 17th, 2007

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  16. joe on June 17th, 2007

    You could also use firefox and create a bookmark using the text at the top….this means if u give the bokmark a name (i called it ‘music’) you can just type music in ur address bar followed by the band/song and it will do the search from there…..i find it easier

  17. mike on June 17th, 2007

    i’m sure he got this from anyways

  18. Spencer on June 19th, 2007

    This actually gives better results than a lot of standard audio searches like for example. In my opinion, still gives the best results for audio searches. Even for stuff like Anaal Nathrakh (Yes, I actually know that band).

  19. web ennepuntozero (n>1) on June 19th, 2007

    [...] clipped from [...]

  20. mazurati on June 20th, 2007

    if some one were smart they would use firefox… search for the DownloadHelper add-on install it, and then when you find any song or movie online, you can rip it as an .flv file if your running linux you just throw a one liner into Shell and convert it to mpeg or just use a converter in windows…

    either way, after you get it set up… your unstoppable

  21. Classified on June 20th, 2007


  22. Doo Doo Breath on June 20th, 2007

    Only works if you are looking for Britney Spears, Fergie, or other current Pop music crap

  23. Anonymous on June 21st, 2007


  24. anonymouse on June 22nd, 2007

    Try Mirc, it’s the best thing out there.

  25. Steven on June 25th, 2007

    One of the most popular audio archive searches is at

    it adds all the code in so you don’t have to.

  26. Valdeke on June 26th, 2007

    If you want obscure music, people, buy it! Unless it’s Black Legions or old demo’s etc…Soulseek works alright and certain torrent sites can provide one with some decent obscure music.

  27. Anonymous on June 26th, 2007


  28. Mana on June 29th, 2007


  29. darwita on June 30th, 2007

    this is creative. good job!

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  31. Rezafulla on July 2nd, 2007


  32. tehiv on July 3rd, 2007

    Yeah, creative when it was posted in April 2005…

  33. karolina on July 4th, 2007

    I cant download the songs!!…. ¬¬

  34. ASHLIE on July 5th, 2007

    Or you can just type in the album name or artist aswell as some kind of file sharing site like megaupload, or rapidshare..I have found stuff that’s even quite hard to find.

  35. cozmik on July 5th, 2007

    I think I’m lost. Do you guys sell lawnmowers?

  36. DONJ?UAN on July 8th, 2007


  37. me on July 8th, 2007

    ya is better-i tried g2p and it didnt work as good as mp3salad :-)

  38. mari on July 10th, 2007

    how do you actually download the music? it isn’t working for me
    on either mp3salad or the google one.

  39. coolguy on July 10th, 2007

    not every achieve is downloadable but for the ones that are right, click with your mouse and save as or save link as. If your on mac i dunno. The trick isnt the best if your looking for specific rare music, it works great if you just want something well know or you want to try some new music you’ve never heard before.

  40. giles on July 18th, 2007
  41. giles on July 19th, 2007

    in browsers on mac you can also right click to download but sometimes the menu is a bit different eg. in safari it’s “Download linked file”. i would recommend getting a download manager like igetter or speed download so you can que and connect multiple times in order supercharge your downloads, plus applications like this can get all the mp3 links form a web page saving you dragging, copying or right-clicking them one by one.


  42. jeff5867 on July 26th, 2007

    It’s a lot easier for a lot more music to download utorrent.

  43. jishgasqms on August 1st, 2007

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! dncaxwmvsf

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  48. Superkoop on September 9th, 2007

    this is soooo old.

  49. [...] Yadogg » Neat Little Google Trick for Free Music [...]

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  51. MMMAAADDD on December 18th, 2007

    wow, even this site is old…why did i stumble upon this?
    useful for people who dont know anything about the warez scene but other than that, pretty useless ^_^ there are so many places – torrents, forums, and of course if you can ever get access to them irc servers and topsites (though dont expect the last 2 to ever be within your grasp!)

  52. sab4 on December 28th, 2007

    Try finding Preab Sovath on utorrent. This trick is a trick tracker eh?

  53. YouRockRadio on January 1st, 2008

    You can also get some music legit like at and check out some of the great artists on the radio show “Haters Need Luv2″ as well.

  54. cookie on January 1st, 2008

    It’s not the world’s most l33t hax00ring tool ever and we all know that. It’s just a cute little trick to manipulate google. It’s cool for what it is.

  55. miles on January 8th, 2008

    haha those nerds arguing about how to spell pwned or whatever

    what does that mean anyway? is it an shortened version of pawned?

  56. kev on January 20th, 2008

    or index.of “whateveryou want”

  57. googlestoneh on February 12th, 2008

    with a most by year. visit gardening even know I noticed about

  58. Chrissy on February 21st, 2008

    Neat. But… I’d rather use Limewire for all of my illegal downloading. :-)

  59. Blah Blah on February 27th, 2008

    Why don’t you all just get Songbird and stop the nonsense.

  60. BOSS on March 6th, 2008

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  61. john on March 11th, 2008

    thnx, it’s a godd trick, try more here

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  67. Ken on May 17th, 2008

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  70. Dave on June 25th, 2008

    also, is decent. Works to the same effect.

  71. Anonymous on June 28th, 2008

    All you really have to type in is “album name” “album artist” and “rapidshare/megaupload” Just as easy.

  72. Anonymous on June 28th, 2008 too works

  73. coskun on August 21st, 2008

    try it

  74. jimmy r on September 1st, 2008
  75. dsdf on October 4th, 2008

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  76. j on October 4th, 2008

    or you can pay for music…

    afterall musicians make music to support themselves.

    sure radiohead makes millions…

    but free mp3s make society devalue the true monetary worth of music

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  78. Adam on October 21st, 2008

    you can just type into google “Index of /mp3″

    or change mp3 to something like.. songs or tracks etc..

    Use your brain!

    Free music at too if you signup! :P

  79. Coz on December 5th, 2008

    One of the most popular audio archive searches is at

    it adds all the code in so you don’t have to.

  80. Garry on December 6th, 2008

    or you could try … it does it for you.

  81. eric! on December 17th, 2008

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  82. Dean Butler on December 21st, 2008

    Thanks for the advice is great.


  83. Robert Melanson on January 8th, 2009

    STOP STEALING PEOPLES PROPERTY!! Damn thieves. I have stumbled upon a bunch of websites that show you how to steal musicians art. Go out and buy it. You wouldn't go to your neighbors house and steal their newest vinyl? So why would you go looking online trying to"steal" someones music? Everyone thinks that oh an mp3 is just some 4MB file on a computer, but its not. Musicians take hours writing, composing, mixing, and mastering, a song and the last thing they want is for some low life bastard searching on Google to take that away from them. Not all musicians are rich, just making enough to pay the bills. If they give the song out for free, that's a different story. Help support your favorite artists by buying their art and hopefully they will be able to come out with more, great music.

  84. XAM on February 3rd, 2009

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  85. apmusicservices on February 4th, 2009

    oh this is to old. but i want to try this site if its working for me and if is a free music… give a thumbs up for su!!

  86. shahzad on February 7th, 2009

    my blog also represnt that

  87. boston on February 9th, 2009

    nice site! its really work. ill going to used it!! give a thumbs up on su!!

  88. Anonymous on March 7th, 2009

    This is old. Apparently people have caught on, because most of the shit is just corrupted files that redirect you else where and aren't music at all.

  89. Joe on April 30th, 2009
  90. ta4ka on May 9th, 2009
  91. Blip on June 10th, 2009

    much easier search site :

  92. list on June 10th, 2009

    i could give you a list.. but i wont… since theres a lot of techno tards out there… only give it to real people

  93. Cupcakes on August 15th, 2009

    Wow, I clicked on the site and I was finally able to download this song I’ve been looking everywhere for!

    Thanks for the code thing for google too, the other sites do seem a bit easier though.

  94. Lesli on August 18th, 2009

    I got LOT of pop ups when I did this. I don’t think I trust it.

  95. TheJoe on August 20th, 2009


  96. Anonymous on August 27th, 2009

    Photoshopped, tell by the pixels

  97. asdasda on August 28th, 2009


  98. Anonymous on August 30th, 2009

    Uh. Google Blog Search = free music.

    Search: Artist Name – Album Name

  99. tyrone on September 13th, 2009

    what’s wrong with just googling “band name download blogspot”?

  100. johnstjohn on September 15th, 2009

    all of the people on the “don’t steal peoples art” tip.

    there is a whole world of music out there (bootlegs, b sides, rare shit, remixes, and people that just plain don’t have albums) that one can’t buy anywhere.

    so don’t go assuming the worst.

    and there is nothing ok about limewire.

    cool trick thanks.

  101. NYGiants on September 28th, 2009 is good as well

  102. Nic on October 27th, 2009

    there is always the other option you know, called BUYING it :) you would if you really liked the bands, cause if you download it for free their not makin any money outta it ,

  103. maryann on October 27th, 2009

    FAIL! none of the content can be found as it is all copyright

  104. ,jkvh on November 8th, 2009


  105. kaya on November 9th, 2009

    it works better if you type
    %”artist song or album” site:mediafire

    mediafire can also be replaced sendspace megaupload or other file hosting sites. be sure to put the format you are looking for

    ex: % In Through The Out site:mediafire,com

  106. Anonymous on November 12th, 2009

    search the song and artist then mediafire

  107. aahhy on December 6th, 2009
  108. on December 6th, 2009

    Yadogg » Neat Little Google Trick for Free Music…

    Zanimiv trik, ki ga lahko uporabite pri Googlanju po mp3-jih….

  109. gaga on December 7th, 2009
  110. $10 Links #5 « Love Blog #5 on December 26th, 2009

    [...] This is a decent trick for tunes… [...]

  111. laura on January 7th, 2010


  112. lala on January 18th, 2010
  113. LimewireBites! on January 20th, 2010

    If you try to use LimeWire for anything…ANYTHING…your computer will eventually crash. Anyone who tells you to use LimeWire is a dolt.

  114. Anonymous on January 22nd, 2010

    Anaal Nathrakh is dope but what am i going to do about goatwhore or cattle decapitation?

  115. Gary Vandelay on January 25th, 2010

    When you cop music for free, you diminish a songwriter’s source of income. Most songwriters don’t make millions.

  116. Naruto Episodes on March 1st, 2010

    great info and trick, thanks for sharing.

  117. honeyshahjan on July 18th, 2010

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  118. MpegEVIL on May 13th, 2011

    You know you can do that with youtube. Just go to and install the addon. Then, there will be a download link under every video.

  119. BIG D on May 17th, 2011

    i have a program that lets you rip utube videos, get rid of the video and keep the audio as an mp3. check it out—>

  120. jenny on May 30th, 2011

    or you know just go on frostwire….

  121. jj on June 14th, 2011

    or you could just go buy it you freeloading fucks, how do you think these “obscure” or smaller scale artists eat?

  122. dobie on June 27th, 2011

    actully good because if a site get shut down the fbi doesn’t come after you, it leaves no trace

  123. dobie on June 27th, 2011

    actually good because if a site get shut down the FBI doesn’t come after you, it leaves no trace

  124. Anonymous on July 13th, 2011

    It’s too bad the sound quality is shit.

  125. whatupdawg on July 13th, 2011

    It’s too bad the sound quality is shit. I’m sure none of you care.

  126. anon on July 23rd, 2011

    Songwriters represent all that is evil in this world. They churn out a catchy tune and expect us to bow down and pay them for it. It’s a dog eat dog world, and it will only get worse. Stealing music is bad for now, but soon you’ll all be stealing anything you can to survive.

  127. Leah on August 2nd, 2011

    OKAY, I am actually listening to Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead RIGHT NOW. Is that just a scary coincidence?

  128. Anonymous on August 7th, 2011
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