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Once a word reminiscent of kiwis and other strange exotic fruit, the term “wiki” has now widely become loosely synonymous with “mucho mas informaciones” in Spanish. One popular example of this type of online collaborative content gathering is wikipedia.org; anyone can contribute, and as such, information is collected and compiled at an astonishing rate (hence the term “wiki”, which actually means “rápido” in Spanish).

Now to get to the point. Similar to wikipedia in the wiki-esque sense, discogs.com presents arguably the most complete online music catalogue in existence. Primarily a knowledge database, it also serves as a music market place and online community for contributing members (vinyl records as well as cd’s and cassettes can be bought and sold, members can communicate directly to other members, happiness abounds). Membership is free and only required for contributors or for people who have so many vinyl records at home that their insurance company requires them to catalogue their entire volume (this is done very easily through the site as most titles have already been contributed and your list when completed can be easily converted to an excel spreadsheet, for the real pros). Otherwise, feel free to search for your favourite group or artist and see exactly when your favourite EP was released in Japan and even memorize the catalogue number for those Friday night trivia games with your friends and family.

Final Word: Fun stuff !


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  1. Raoul Dufrense on March 20th, 2007

    Ah Oui!

  2. Philbert on March 20th, 2007

    Mucho Grandee. YEEPEE DISCOTECKA!
    Or something.

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