Biggest online radio – something for everyone


Digitally Imported (or DI.FM) has been around for a long time and has got to be one of the best know online radio stations to date. They have over 30 stations each playing a different style of music. Theres literally something here for everyone. They play 128kbps and lower for free but ask for a fee of $4.95 USD to stream at 192kbps. If you don’t pay the $4.95 USD you are subject to ads ever 30 mins or so. Not the biggest deal unless your a stickler for quality and continuous playback.

I listen to this at work sometimes just for the variety. Kind of annoying at times tho because of the commercials.

Final Word: One of the most popular radio stations around and for good reason unless you dont wanna pay and are a stickler for quality playback.

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