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filehippo2.png is a site that hosts free software. Its got a real simple setup and a real clean look. One of the most straightforward download sites I’ve seen. I like the fact that you can choose which version of which software you download as sometimes the newest version doesn’t mean the best version. Clicking a file name will take you to a page describing what the program does.By using the software on this site you can make a fully functional and secure computer for free.

I highly recommend the 472__ccleaner-2006.gifCCleaner to clean the crap off your computer, fix registry issues and manage your system start up.

I also recommend the  123__klite.gifK-lite codec pack to make sure your media player can play the newest video and audio formats.

Final Word: Great compilation of free software. For free!


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  1. Alfred on October 31st, 2007

    CrapCleaner is a program with many options. It will suit your needs if you want to remove traces and unwanted cache information. There are many possibilities of how you can set it to work and it is for free. But it may be much confusing and a complete waist of time for common users. It does not seem to be free of problems and i would only recommend this kind of application for experienced users that know what to do with it. First ask yourself what crap is anyway? The fear your computer is being loaded with crap may very well turn out to be a “hoax.” On the job of cleaning the registry , a very interesting feature and rarely found in free applications, it can detect wrong entries where other programs can optimize and compress the registry also with a much better feel.

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