The Picnic Dress


Great for first dates


Only a concept design.

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  1. Nakano on July 24th, 2015

    Is my phone working coerrctly for this employer call?ORIGINAL QUESTION BELOW:I applied for a position at Mr.Lube about a week ago. I recieved a call 2 days from then to confirm I applied online with my email and that they did recieve my resume. Another 3-4 days later I recieved a call from Mr.Lube on my caller ID missed calls (I was not home it was on Sunday the 16th Nov.) at about 3:15pm. They have not called back yet since what should I do? As its only been 3 days since they first tried should I just wait and see if they call back? Give it a full weeks time? I dont have an answering machine so there was no message. I think I should wait for another call but I am not sure? Thanks for any help/reply in what to do or what you would do. Here is the strange thing,after some investigating just now it seems this number does not reach Mr.lube nor does it match the place on white pages reverse lookup, it states that it is a dietry/health food store, when you call the number you get that fax sound after many rings so what is going on here? Is my phone displaying a faulty name for this number? and I know I applied at a Mr.Lube because it is there official Canada website that you apply is correct for all other calls so far, the number is 780-468-1755 please check it on google or something if you want and see what it shows up as. I believe its a fax number Is it possible for the phone to misread like this?? Thanks for the kind advice and I would call but this number that matches their name on my phone does not take me threw to Mr.Lube it is a different number?

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