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Thank You Google


Im writing this because Google recently added 2 great programs for optional downloads in the Google pack.

sd3.gifSpyware Doctor Starter Edition and ns3.gifNorton Security Scan

I hate software that runs in the background. Spyware Doctor Starter Edition and Norton Security Scan are both free and don’t include the components that run background processes which slow down your computer. WIN WIN.

Spyware Doctor is great! I use to download it off torrent sites but I never used all the features and couldn’t update the spyware definitions without reinstalling the program or recracking it. Total pain. The Starter Edition is just the scan engine with full definition updates.

Anyone that uses Norton knows how annoying it is. I hate the realtime protection and firewall. Some people I know cant even uninstall it from their systems. The Norton Security Scan is just the scan engine with full definition updates.

As far as I know these programs are only available through the Google Pack which requires the Google Updater. Unfortunately, the Google Updater runs at startup and in the background after its been installed so I chose I uninstal it after my software was installed. They all still work and update.

Its no secret that Google plans to take over the world. Well at least the internet world. If they keep rolling out the free apps im voting Google in the next election.


Free software for free

filehippo2.png is a site that hosts free software. Its got a real simple setup and a real clean look. One of the most straightforward download sites I’ve seen. I like the fact that you can choose which version of which software you download as sometimes the newest version doesn’t mean the best version. Clicking a file name will take you to a page describing what the program does.By using the software on this site you can make a fully functional and secure computer for free.

I highly recommend the 472__ccleaner-2006.gifCCleaner to clean the crap off your computer, fix registry issues and manage your system start up.

I also recommend the  123__klite.gifK-lite codec pack to make sure your media player can play the newest video and audio formats.

Final Word: Great compilation of free software. For free!


Windows Vista on a CD-R?

vlite.PNG is by nuhi, the creator of the popular nlite which allows people to customize their Windows 2000, 2003, and XP installs. Vlite allows users to customize Vista by letting them decide which components to install and which to leave out. Theres a long list of parts which can be removed and consequently shrink Vista to beable to comfortably fit on a CD-R.

I’ve been experimenting with Vlite and managed to keep Vista’s prettiness with the functionaly I need while making the install CD under 700MB (under 4 gigs installed). Not only does Vlite make the install faster but it allows the Vista to be run well on lower end computer who dont have at least 1 gig of ram. Read the forums to see how some people are running vista on 256MB of ram.
I will provide a screen shot of what I removed a little bit later. I have 1 gig of ram and a dual core CPU, Vista flies.

Final Word: This rocks! There’s so much crap preinstalled on Vista. This lets you decide what stay and what goes.

Music sharing at its finest.



Soulseek is a ad-free, spyware free, file sharing application. Mainly for music.

Strong community and virtual rooms lets you to meet people, share information, find new music and chat freely using real-time messages in public or private.

What can I say? Soulseek rocks. I always find the rarest music with it that I cant find anywhere else. One of my favorite features is the wishlist. If you cant find what your looking for type the name in the wishlist and you’ll be notified as soon as someone with the file logs in.

Remember to leave your searches going, it never stops searching.

Final Word: Not the fastest p2p network but one of the finest ive seen.