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Bumpin House Station

frisky1.jpg has been around since 2001 and seems to be quite well known by dance music fans. I found out about this site though the Soulseek “house” chat room. I ask a room of 300 people for a good online house radio station, Frisky was the overwhelming response. I listened I liked.

Final Word: Popular, easy to navigate, reliable for bumpin beats.

Very cool house station


Pronton radio plays house and electro and lets you buy the cool songs you just heard. They’ve been around for a while and have a great style sound and layout. Kinda hard to figure out how to play the music tho :/

I’ve had a very good experience with them. I signed up recently to find out the track listing for a set but never got the confirmation email to my yahoo account. I wrote the admin a quick email and within 15 mins he got back to mee and fixed my account. I really like the style of music they play (personal taste). I also like the fact that they link to so you can (in most cases) buy the songs you really like.

Final Word: Nice to look at, nice to listen too. Not so nice to navigate.

Biggest online radio – something for everyone


Digitally Imported (or DI.FM) has been around for a long time and has got to be one of the best know online radio stations to date. They have over 30 stations each playing a different style of music. Theres literally something here for everyone. They play 128kbps and lower for free but ask for a fee of $4.95 USD to stream at 192kbps. If you don’t pay the $4.95 USD you are subject to ads ever 30 mins or so. Not the biggest deal unless your a stickler for quality and continuous playback.

I listen to this at work sometimes just for the variety. Kind of annoying at times tho because of the commercials.

Final Word: One of the most popular radio stations around and for good reason unless you dont wanna pay and are a stickler for quality playback.

None stop popular music

rb_logo_big.gif is a site that lets you search for music and play it live stream off the net. I know there are many sites that do this but this ones original in that it will link your search to many other popular songs of the same genre. So one search can give you hours of continuous playback and let you discover new music. Radioblogclub has a built in flash player or you can download the standalone player. I believe you can even listen to radioblogclub on your wii.

Ive been on this site for almost a year now. Im not a big mainstream music fan but when I’m in the mood for it I connect through radioblogclub. Easiest one of its kind I have found to date.

Final Word: Nice selection of popular music and continuous play so you don’t have to keep searching.