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This is Kinda Creepy!

Early Valentines Day Ideas


Who wouldnt love to get a pair of classic fundies?

purchase Here “2 close friends not included”.

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Dog Cleaner Screensaver


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Linkdogg 01-24-08


Here are some links in totally random order

  • Funny Faces of 2007: Pics: GoGet
  • Flip Faces: Photoshop: GoGet
  • 31 Careers with great futures: Read: GoGet
  • Guy living at Ikea: Read: GoGet
  • Creative furniture: Pics: GoGet
  • Cheetah Training: Pics/Read: GoGet
  • Flaming cursor: Flash: GoGet
  • Art in Numbers: Pics: GoGet
  • Hide My Ass: Proxy Server to surf sites you shouldnt be: GoGet
  • Is your screen is dirty?: Flash (open, press esc if you get stuck): GoGet

Dog Vs Balloons

Family Guy – Will Smith Clean Rap

Finger Pets

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More Vinyl Sleeve Heads

Due to popular demand here are some more sleeves. Remember to check out the facebook group here to see more and or add your own. Also feel free to post sleeve links in the comments.

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