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Link Dump 25-11-2007


The 50 Dumbest Things George W. Bush Has Ever Said: Text GoGet

Soccer Tennis: Website GoGet

Questions You May Get At Your Next Job Interview: Text GoGet

More Anti Virus Apps: List GoGet

Embarasing Doctor Moments: Text GoGet

Real Dolls: Pics NSFW GoGet

Dream Facts: Text GoGet

A link to send the ladies: Flash GoGet

Nice quick english dictionary: Site GoGet

STD Stuffed Animals


Bring your favorite STD to bed tonight! Above we have Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphillis and The Clap! Pass these along to your friends and loved ones. They can be found at Giant Microbes

Buddy Cuts His Balls Off

This is Vitas. A once popular russian singer who got accused of lip syncing.
Sounds like he cut his balls off.
Youll understand at about 1:07

Jim Vs Dwight (The Office)

Bored Kangaroo

Greatest Golf Moment

Ipod Sex Toy Video


This Ipod attachment has been around for a while but the video is pretty new and worth a view. nsfw

If you want to buy go to

Smuggler Busted!


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