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Animals In Love

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Link Dump


40 Unusual Websites You Should Bookmark –GoGet

Gun rack bed accessory – GoGet

Bush Oil Collage – GoGet

Imbarassing Moments From A Parent GoGet

Proof Mozart Was A Pervert GoGet

Glow In The Dark Mountain Dew GoGet

Destroy Your Favorite Site GoGet

Solve The Rubix Cube GoGet

Circe De Soleil Videos GoGet 


Shocking Shoes

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Wtf Rock Balancing?


Rock balancing is an art, discipline, and/or hobby depending upon the intent of the practitioner. It can also be a performance art, a spectacle, or a devotion, depending upon the interpretation by its audience. Essentially, it involves placing some combination of rock or stone in arrangements which require patience and sensitivity to generate, and which appear to be physically impossible while actually being only highly improbable. The rock balancer may work for free or for pay, as an individual or in a group, and their intents and the audiences’ interpretations may vary given the situation or the venue. [source]

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The Office – Screensaver Clip


One of the funniest shows on television today.

Rubber Buddha


Heroes Spoof

“They are ordinary people, with ordinary abilities. They are… Zeroes.”

Episode 1 & 2 behind the read more button.

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Tired In Japan?

Sleep wherever… whenever.

Poor guys/girls… they seem a little overworked.

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