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Screaming Match


Anni Mall demands fresh water but Little Asia doesnt appreciate the attitude.

Beautiful Women With Their Ugly Men

Claudia & David explanation: He’s the “Master of illusion”.


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Awesome Goal

Celebrities Gone Skinny

Oprah result of billions of dollars

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Facebook Spoof

The Social Utility that lets  people know you hate them.


Click the image to go to the mock up page

note: this is not a functional site

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Digg Pics Of The Day 20/08/07


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Meet Some Freaks

Dennis Smith


San Diego computer programmer, Dennis Smith had a dream in which an Indian Chief told him to “follow the ways of the tiger.” the first thing Dennis did was to get his eyes tattooed, since then he’s spent thousands of dollars over 25 years on tattoos and plastic surgery to attain his dream of becoming a tiger. [source]

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Celebrity Imperfections Exposed


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