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Neat Little Google Trick for Free Music

Copy and paste the above text into a google search text area and replace the “artist or song” with an actual artist or song.


This worked for most of the mainstream music I tried to find. Also came across a few rare things as well.

Right Click and Save As the music you find.

Attract Royalty to Your Bar


Most people have heard about Prince Harry’s night out in Calgary while army training in Canada.

Here are some pics the bartender who made his night. She’ll probably be in playboy soon.


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He was spotted at Calgarys most well known bar Cowboys. Cowboys prides itself on beatiful women and friendly service. Ive lived in Calgary where it is well known that the bar’s owner encourages his staff to get breast augmentation. He goes as far as to split the cost and pay for one breast’s implant leaving it up to the women to pay for the other one. After 6 months of friendly service he pays her back for the second breast. Sneaky stuff.


great song plays in the background!

New Wave in Computing

G.W Bush’s message to the people


Facebook Infomercial


Prank Calling C Span News

A Must Have for Orgy Guys


Potty Humor

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