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Celebrity Gossip Sites

These sites pretty much all do the same thing. Report on and make fun of celebrities. Who doesnt enjoy that?

dlisted gets my prize as it seems to update more then the others but they all deserve a look through.

Click the images to visit the sites.








note: Add your favorite in comments.

Fly School Ad

This picture has been flying around recently.


Ironic, yes but it could be a great ad for fly school.

Similar types of ads have worked wonders for the tobacco and illegal drug industries.

Orgasm Girl [Flash Game]

Try your luck at this game ! Is the real thing harder ? You’d hope not.

Get this hunny runny with a variety of techniques and sleazy tactics.


Update: I removed the embeded game cuz the music was annoying. Above is the link to the orginal source of the game.

Use the rub button to rub the right places and the grab button to remove clothing.
Keep an eye on the status bar. If it drops too low she wakes up.

Update: I realize this is a hard game. Heres the video on how to beat it.


Thank You Google


Im writing this because Google recently added 2 great programs for optional downloads in the Google pack.

sd3.gifSpyware Doctor Starter Edition and ns3.gifNorton Security Scan

I hate software that runs in the background. Spyware Doctor Starter Edition and Norton Security Scan are both free and don’t include the components that run background processes which slow down your computer. WIN WIN.

Spyware Doctor is great! I use to download it off torrent sites but I never used all the features and couldn’t update the spyware definitions without reinstalling the program or recracking it. Total pain. The Starter Edition is just the scan engine with full definition updates.

Anyone that uses Norton knows how annoying it is. I hate the realtime protection and firewall. Some people I know cant even uninstall it from their systems. The Norton Security Scan is just the scan engine with full definition updates.

As far as I know these programs are only available through the Google Pack which requires the Google Updater. Unfortunately, the Google Updater runs at startup and in the background after its been installed so I chose I uninstal it after my software was installed. They all still work and update.

Its no secret that Google plans to take over the world. Well at least the internet world. If they keep rolling out the free apps im voting Google in the next election.


Nintendo Flash Games Galore

Many people still long for good ol NES. Unfortunatly, many machine have stopped working over the years. Fear no more! This site hosts the top NES games from back in the day.

Heres is a list of my favorites.

Click the name or image to play.

Dr. Mario






Super Mario 3






Ninja Turtles II




Here is a link to the sites top 10 list, navigate by genre with the tab bar up top.


Boxhead Shootem up [Flash Game]

Box Head, kill zombies. There are a few different versions. I like this one the best.



Family Guy and American Dad quick downloads



Alot of work went into these sites. Hope theyre able to stay alive.


All The South Park Episodes


This site is GOOOOOOD


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