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Sites to Get You a Date

I’ve compiled a list of somewhat obvious sites that with a little work can get you some action.

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Theres no denying Facebook can hook people up. Join your cities network and post in public discussions and you’ll have thousands of potential dates at your finger tips. Be careful not to come off as a creep tho as many people who use facebook are reluctant to talk to people they dont know. Your probably more likely to hooking up with someone you knew from elementry or highschool. Id say the coolest thing about facebook so far is that people seem to be who they claim to be.


Known for its ability to sell crap to your neighbors Craigslist also has a slew of people posting horny fantasies and sex invitations in each cities personales section. Its fun to look and exciting to respond but id say beware of ads that sound too good to be true. Craigscreeps could be lurking.


Many people claim to have gotten laid more then once off myspace. Post reveiling pictures of yourself or chat up an intellectual storm and you could be meeting up with a random and possibly heading home together to get it on. Pretty much anyone will let you add them as a friend on myspace, choose your words wisely as everyone is trying to hook up with everyone, the competition is fierce. Beware of bogus accounts. Myspaces mainstream popularity has made it victim to spammers, sex offenders and sucky bands trying to make a buck. As bad as it sounds its still one of the most entertaining sites to get a date.


This is one of the ugliest sites I’ve seen in a while but that doesnt take away from the fact that its it gets people laid. Plenty of Fish specializes in free dating. The clientele is a bit older on this site, id say 30 and up so if youre into milfs or filfs you’ll enjoy yourself. No matter your age or situtation, plenty of fish is a sea of despiration. People of all ages clicking wildly to find someone that meets their special needs.


Just Say Hi sprung up to take on plenty of fish as another free dating site with a much nicer user interface. As with all free dating sites, women cant go wrong where as men need to be careful not to come off as needy or creepy because they already come off as cheap and despirate.


Most people know lavalife as pay for internet dating site. A few years back I was surfing lavalife out of curiousity and came across a few profiles of people I felt I had to meet. Im cheap and didnt want to spend the 20 bucks it costs to join so, I took each persons user name, added, then added them to my msn list. This may sound extremely desperate and truth be told I was but Im laughing now cuz it actually worked! I ended up going on the best date of my life with a girl I had to meet.

Please post any sites which have gotten you or someone you know a date.


Funny Banned Commercial

*Dont play the audio when at work or near English speaking children*.


Once Upon Some Porn

These were taken off The Something Awful Forum General Bullshit section. I had a good laugh, figured Id share.

Steamy Weenie.jpgCaptain Cork.jpgLicking LolliBanana Time.jpgGirls Got Creme.jpgWork Hard Play HarderKiss Me More I Like ItOpen Mic NightThis Doll Seems Done K.OTwistedAll You Can Eat Muffet

This Takes Some Guts


Free High Res Wall Papers

This site has some nice papers for pretty much any resolution

Some samples



Coolest Bug Ever


This is one bright bug.

No one paid him to hold up that sign either.


Some Tricks to Make the Women Go Wild

Here are some tricks sure to impress any women.

Be sure to try this first one on your next first date.

This next ones great for impressing the ladies at the office 😉


Celebrity News Portal

If your a celebrity news junkie like some people i know 😉 you’ll wanna check this out.

Click the image


A way to broaden your celebrity news horizon and discover which celebrity news site is best for you .

Heres the layout.



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