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Music sharing at its finest.



Soulseek is a ad-free, spyware free, file sharing application. Mainly for music.

Strong community and virtual rooms lets you to meet people, share information, find new music and chat freely using real-time messages in public or private.

What can I say? Soulseek rocks. I always find the rarest music with it that I cant find anywhere else. One of my favorite features is the wishlist. If you cant find what your looking for type the name in the wishlist and you’ll be notified as soon as someone with the file logs in.

Remember to leave your searches going, it never stops searching.

Final Word: Not the fastest p2p network but one of the finest ive seen.

Very cool house station


Pronton radio plays house and electro and lets you buy the cool songs you just heard. They’ve been around for a while and have a great style sound and layout. Kinda hard to figure out how to play the music tho :/

I’ve had a very good experience with them. I signed up recently to find out the track listing for a set but never got the confirmation email to my yahoo account. I wrote the admin a quick email and within 15 mins he got back to mee and fixed my account. I really like the style of music they play (personal taste). I also like the fact that they link to so you can (in most cases) buy the songs you really like.

Final Word: Nice to look at, nice to listen too. Not so nice to navigate.

Biggest online radio – something for everyone


Digitally Imported (or DI.FM) has been around for a long time and has got to be one of the best know online radio stations to date. They have over 30 stations each playing a different style of music. Theres literally something here for everyone. They play 128kbps and lower for free but ask for a fee of $4.95 USD to stream at 192kbps. If you don’t pay the $4.95 USD you are subject to ads ever 30 mins or so. Not the biggest deal unless your a stickler for quality and continuous playback.

I listen to this at work sometimes just for the variety. Kind of annoying at times tho because of the commercials.

Final Word: One of the most popular radio stations around and for good reason unless you dont wanna pay and are a stickler for quality playback.

The Famous Pirate Bay

pirate.png is well known by the torrent community. They’re based in Sweden and have a reputation of conflict with big companies like Microsoft and Apple. They even have a section you can read all the nasty emails they receive threatening them. Sweden doesn’t have the same laws as the US so they don’t seem too worried. If fact, they hold so much power that when a Swedish internet service provider started blocking access to their site tones of people switch providers forcing that provider to unblock The Pirate Bay. Their latest ploy was raising money so they could buy their own island and become their own country to they could pirate to their hearts content.

I browse The Pirate Bay on occasion to see their top 100 download section. They have big community and lots of great content but I find there to be a few too many Swedish and German comments. I only speak English.

Final Word: Another big player on the torrent scene with a clean look and strong community.

Nice torrent search engine

torrentz.png searches many different torrent sites to find you what you need. Its got a simple user interface and provides many options for each search. The homepage has a search cloud which tells you what the most popular searches are at the moment based on how big the text of each word is (bigger=more popular).

I use this site when I’m feeling lazy and just wanna find something without reading comments. Usually comes up with multiple trackers to choose from. Helps if you know how to add individual trackers to your torrent client to maximize your speed.

Final Word: Easy to search, not so easy to connect to all the trackers. Great for finding new torrent sites.

Safe and well structured torrent site

demon.png is a private torrent site that hosts some of the rarer pirated files floating around. Because its private the administrators are able to more or less control the content and check it for malware and/or viruses. The community is one of the best I’ve seen so you can always find out additional information about the download by reading the comment section. The catch is you need to register and keep a decent ratio to remain a member… meaning your encouraged to upload as much as you download or run the risk of losing your account. Newest torrents don’t require an account to download but newest torrents also have higher risk of not being checked for viruses by the administrators and community.

I use this site for any rare or older torrents that I cant find anywhere else. I also use it to research which downloads are safe and which I should keep away from. I don’t download from it so much because I don’t want leave my computer on for days uploading after downloading a big file.

Final Word: Either the first or last place to look for that special file you want real bad.Private torrent sites are less likely to be sniffed by the powers that try to bring file sharing to an end.

One of the biggest and best torrent sites

mininova.png is one of the biggest and best torrent sites around for the time being. It has a healthy community and tones of software, games, books, TV shows, music and anime. Very simple and fast.

This should be any torrent searchers first stop. Always remember to read the comments and see what others have to say about each release. Because its a public torrent site some fake posts are around so its best to be cautious on what you download.

Final Word: Well known and full of content. An often first and last stop for your piracy needs.

Long distance calls for free.

freecall.PNG lets you make free long distance calls with the help of your computer. You can make a call from your computer to a land line or from a land line to a land line. By putting in your own phone number as the callback number Freecall will call your phone first then connect you to the person you want to call. This a great feature but also a little scary in that you can make other people call whoever you want (as long as they stay on the phone long enough for the second person to pickup). The free service is limited to North America and certain countries around the world. See the list of counties you have to pay to call on the homepage.

I personally use Skype to make my computer to land line calls but thats only because I bought a year of Skype before I found out about Freecall. Ive tested both and find the reception to be the same.

Final word: Free alternative with Skype with its own feature set.

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