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Deep dark secrets

grouphug.PNG is a site where people can confess their deepest darkest secrets. Its all totally anonymous with no required sign up to post. This allows for a lot of content but also opens the doors to alot of spam. Recently the moderators have been screening posts before they appear on the main page. So you’ll have to wait a little bit to see your secret reveiled.

This site can make you laugh out loud but also I cringe in terror. Believe it or not this site changed my perspective on humanity. Call me sheltered, but I had no idea how sick and perverse people are… I’ve recently submitted a secret and I must admit, it feels pretty nice sharing something I wouldn’t dare tell anyone.

Final word: Good for a laugh, maybe more… youll have to try it.

None stop popular music

rb_logo_big.gif is a site that lets you search for music and play it live stream off the net. I know there are many sites that do this but this ones original in that it will link your search to many other popular songs of the same genre. So one search can give you hours of continuous playback and let you discover new music. Radioblogclub has a built in flash player or you can download the standalone player. I believe you can even listen to radioblogclub on your wii.

Ive been on this site for almost a year now. Im not a big mainstream music fan but when I’m in the mood for it I connect through radioblogclub. Easiest one of its kind I have found to date.

Final Word: Nice selection of popular music and continuous play so you don’t have to keep searching.

Newest torrent releases

 release.PNG reports on the latest 0day releases to appear on the torrent scene (aka: newest movies, video games and programs you can pirate).

The site updates daily and links most of its releases to a site call for a direct download.

I’ve been browsing this site for a few months now and something always catches my eye. Thanks to this site I waste a lot less bandwidth downloading crappy files that are potentially dangerous.

Final word: A must surf site for anyone that downloads torrents.

Unbelivable basketball game